Re-Synth International is a pioneer in the development of a reliable and efficient process for transforming solid waste materials into low-carbon transportation fuels including diesel, gasoline and jet fuel. Our low-cost process will reduce our dependence on imported oil, create new clean energy jobs and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional petroleum production.
Our company strategic plan was designed to create a significant balance in the today world’s challenges of disposing solid waste materials such as tires, plastics, medical wastes and other materials that are costing millions of dollars to dispose and producing environmental hazards in many countries around the world.
Utilizing Re-Synth’s proprietary processes, we have the ability to convert the solid wastes generated by millions of people and industries around the world, into millions of gallons per year of clean renewable fuel. The Re-Synth’s fuel refining processes have also the ability to produce a better advanced fuel with volume increase, higher heating value and lower sulfur contents, creating new reserves of clean energy sources and reducing the dependency of imported oil for the countries using our technology.
We are developing strategic alliances in many countries across North and South America, Europe and Asia with the annual capacity to produce thousands of millions of gallons of renewable transportation fuel while eliminating the gas emissions of traditional petroleum, reducing the waste lands and increasing the fuel reserves around the world.